We need help DURING both nights of the event with everything from participating in a skit to helping with the support and operations of the event (directing traffic and parking, admissions, security, etc).

2022 Fright Hike Volunteer Form

We need decorating supplies!

We need donations and corporate sponsorships of the skits!!!

Encourage anyone interested to put on a Scary Scene! Performance opportunities are open for approved Halloween skits; a donation to each participating organization is provided (must perform both nights).

Donations and supplies may be dropped off at the Park's Entrance Office

W329N846 Hwy C, Delafield WI 53018

Items needed:

  • Twine, rope, heavy duty tape, heavy duty staple guns, staples, nails with heads, hammers
  • Scissors, box cutters
  • Flash lights, batteries
  • Spray paint, outdoor paint
  • Tiki torches, tiki torch fluid, lighters, votive candles and/or glass jars to prevent wind from blowing them out
  • Fog machine juice, fog machines
  • Stakes, old flannel shirts for scare crows
  • Foam grave stones, Halloween themed props, decorations, old baby dolls
  • Plastic storage tubs / containers
  • Working string lights, old working plug-in lamps, old working plug-in chandeliers/hanging light fixtures
  • Radios
  • Outdoor extension cords
  • Ladders, rakes, garden clippers, brooms
  • Pop-up tents
  • Scary music CDs
  • Make-up, colored hair spray, and costumes.
  • and of course monetary donations are always welcome and appreciated (FightHike is owned and operated by the Friends of Lapham Peak, a 501(c)3 organization) 

Please complete a VOLUNTEER FORM.  

Participants in a skit are required to attend an organizational and planning meeting on Sept 11, 9am at the Evergreen Shelter! 

Details for Volunteers


  • Everyone participating must have a (parent or 18+) signed waiver turned in to me prior to working the event!

*Work on your costumes, make-up, and acting prior to the event! You can store any props you've made or collected in your designated prop pile in the barn. It is smart incorporate a sign of some kind to promote your school and your skit so that people walking through know who they want to vote for.

Trail available for Set-up & Decorating:

TBD - dusk (Pumpkin Carving at 5pm)

TBD - dusk (Dress Rehearsal at 7pm)

Your group is responsible for setting up your site! Pick-up trucks/vehicles with trailers may drive on the trail to transport props from the barn if it is not too wet. I highly recommend working until nightfall Wed. or Thurs. so that you can see your scene lit in the dark and make any necessary lighting adjustments before Friday!!!!

Event: Oct 28 & 29

Your site must be ready by 5:30pm each day.

(First hiker goes through at 6:00pm. No one may enter the line after 8:30pm, so you are usually done by 9:30pm.) Again, you must have your site set-up and be dressed and ready to scare by 5:30pm on Friday and Saturday evening, RAIN OR SHINE! All middle school and high school groups need at least one adult chaperone.

If you are not skilled in make-up and hair, we will have make-up artists and supplies available in the VIP tent behind Evergreen at 4pm Friday and Saturday.

  • Don't forget to bring a box of supplies for decorating your site. We have some supplies available but, because we are all spread out on a long trail, it is better if you have your own to speed-up the decorating process. Suggested items to bring are a heavy-duty staple gun(s), twine/rope/fishing line, scissors, duct tape, hammer and nails, extra extension cords, power strip (s), small flashlights to have on hand for the volunteers during the event, step ladder for hanging things in trees if needed, hot-glue gun, garden clippers, garden gloves, rake, (If there are weeds, roots, and fallen brush that may cause your actors to trip in the dark, you are allowed to clear a walking path in and around your scene. Please take care not to cut back any large trees or bushes, only the small, weedy, stuff. Thank you. It is also smart to label your extension cords, tools.)
  • Your group is responsible for cleaning up your site. Please unplug lights and pick-up garbage in your area each night. Also be sure to cover electronics or take anything that should not get wet with you Friday night. Please take all of your own props/extension cords home Saturday night so they don't get mixed with ours.
  • Volunteers should plan to stick around Saturday night for our cast party after the show, 9:30pm -10:30pm! We will enjoy food/beverages by the bonfire and award prizes for best scenes!

*Important! You are responsible for clearing your site! Clean-up 10am - 11:30am on Sunday Oct 30. All sites must be cleared and moved back to the barn on Sunday in order to receive your donation toward your organization. Pick-up trucks/vehicles may drive on the trail if it is not too wet. Small utility vehicles and 4-wheelers with trailers are preferred if you own them and can help to transport props off the trails.

'"Promote, promote, promote!!! If you want to win best scene, you need to get friends and family attending the hike so that they can vote!:) Here are the links to our tickets & facebook page! www.frighthike.org, and www.facebook.com/laphampeakfrighthike

We couldn't pull off this festive community tradition without you. I'm so excited to see your skits come together. It's going to be another amazing Fright Hike, thank you all so much! Angie 262.290.8710

Any Questions? Contact Angela: frighthikepeak@gmail.com